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Marketing is a premium component of Business Management. It strives to match the standard of your products and services to the needs of your prospect customers, thereby increasing the profitability of your business. We offer you the best services in the field of marketing by the means of application-to-person messaging. You can reach out to a vast number of prospects in a matter of seconds with our Bulk SMS and Bulk Email services.
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Businesses like retailers, consumer brands, media outlets and travel agencies use Bulk SMS service to build relationships that drive scalable results. It creates endless opportunities through strategic well-targeted exposure with tools like Mass SMS advertising, Alerts & Reminders, Safety Checks, etc.
Broadcast your message to large groups in short time with Bulk Email. It gives your business a direct access to customers who don’t miss mails on their smart-phones. Bulk Email lets you strategize finely targeted marketing campaigns that are set in tune with peculiarities of your customers.
Replace your conventional phone systems with the internet based Virtual Numbers service. It lets you add features such as call forwarding, SMS and email notifications, advanced settings customization and greater conferencing capabilities. Have your calls diverted to desk phone, mobile phone, PC or a tablet device and never miss a call.
Society Communication Management System (ScMS) is designed with the deliberate motif of improving the efficiency of communication within co-operative housing societies. It functions as a platform for committee members and society members to stay connected over all important issues.


Educational Institute

Keep in touch offers communication tools to schools and colleges for connecting with parents and guardians over issues like administrative updates and progress of students. The services enable grouping…

Health Care

In health-care institutions like hospitals and pharmaceutical firms, time plays a crucial role as a delay of minutes can cause serious problems. Communication networks at such institutions have to be highly equipped.…

Entertainment Industry

In the present day, entertainment industry in India largely focuses on digitization and Internet resources for promotional campaigns. Although, creativity is the back-bone of the industry…

Hospitality and Tourism

Bulk messaging services provided by Keep-in-touch are an effective tool to promote activities of the Hospitality and Tourism industry. From guest reservation to check out procedure, complete information…

Stock Market

Bulk messaging services provided by Keep-in-touch can be integrated into stock market for functions like sharing stock market tips. Stock brokers have to provide constant guidance & update to stock market investors…

Automobile Industry

Automobile companies and dealers have changed a lot over the past few years. They have recognized the need to subscribe bulk messaging services so that they can reach large number of people in just a short time…
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Keep-in-touch uses advanced technological infrastructure that enables quick messaging. The messages are received and read instantly and are also responded to in record time. Keep-in-touch assures that your messages will to be read by the highest number of people in your marketing database.
Keep-in-touch is renowned for making sure that messages are as highly targeted as possible. The messaging services of keep-in-touch are directed towards individuals recognized on the basis of their previous consumer preferences.
Advertising and promotional services offered by keep-in-touch incur lower costs than advertising in outlets like newspapers and television that lack a targeted reach. This is especially beneficial for SME businesses that can’t afford spending high amounts on advertisements.
Keep-in-touch offers services that can be efficiently integrated into marketing campaigns that include various media outlets. Incorporating bulk messaging services with other marketing methods let you reach target audience on time ensuring the inclusion of offer details.
Keep-in-touch creates messages that are precise, short and meaningful. Recipients find it very convenient to get the valuable information from shorter and narrowed-down messages that don’t confuse them with miscellaneous and irrelevant pointers.
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