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Virtual Numbers

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Short Code

Short codes, or short numbers, are special telephone numbers with a significantly shorter number of digits than conventional telephone numbers. Short codes are used to address SMS messages. They are easier for customers to remember, hence are widely used.


  • We allow you to receive SMS messages online from your customers and prospects using a combination of keywords.
  • The received text messages are stored in your inbox and you can easily respond to and manage them using the tool we give to you.
  • Use auto-replies to let customers know you are dealing with their enquiry.
  • Easy, low-cost way for customers and prospects to contact you instantly.


  • Easily store contact numbers coming into inboxes – export and add to contact groups.
  • Use short codes for easy recall & familiarity.
  • Get more response from customers.


Long code serves as a dedicated reception mechanism that enables businesses to receive and transmit SMS messages. It is a standard 10 digit virtual mobile number that features international accessibility and enables person to person communication. The low cost it incurs makes it most suitable for big campaigns.


  • Real Time Reporting.
  • Control panel to view responses.
  • Customized welcome messaging.
  • URL forwarding.
  • Unique National / International reach.
  • Easy CRM integration.


  • Multiple Account Management.
  • Polls, Promotions and Surveys.
  • Voting for contest.
  • Easy reception of consumer responses.
  • Product Inquiries, Lead generation in a cost effective manner.


Customers, stakeholders and even employees often need to directly reach businesses or service providers. A toll free service comprises of a set of numbers, which callers may reach by dialing-in free of cost. Our Toll Free Service is used by enterprises across the country.


  • Your customers benefit by sensing ease when reaching out to you via Toll Free service.
  • With our tie-ups with Telecom Operators across the country, we enable you to receive calls from any service providers, anywhere.
  • The Toll Free services we offer enable efficient use of phone lines that allow mixing inbound and outbound calls on the same dedicated access line.


  • Provide instant access to customers from across locations.
  • Enjoy flexible subscription options from any post-paid wireless or wireline service.
  • Define, choose and change your routing (Geography-based, time-based, proportional call distribution, condition-based & PIN-based routing).
  • Manage all important aspects of call routing real-time through a user-friendly interactive web interface.
  • Enhance your service delivery though detailed call analysis reports.
  • Increased customer satisfaction by ensuring that your business is always reachable.

Miss Call

Organizations run campaigns in order to attract their target audience and customers and for this they are required to have Call To Action. The CTA generally has Missed Call numbers. These days, a growing number of large size and mid-sized companies make an effective use of Missed Call services.


  • We offer Missed Call numbers at competitive prices.
  • We offer you a range of numbers to choose from.
  • We offer you on time after sales services


  • A Missed Call number will serve as an efficient Call To Action during campaigns you run
  • A Missed Call number will ensure that your Target Audience does not have to bear any costs when reaching out to you
  • A Missed Call number shall be cost-effective

IVR System

A personalized IVRs is programmed to address callers by their name. It directs them to agents that would suit their needs, purchase history and location. It responds to all your customer queries such as billing and basic information professionally. It significantly reduces the caller waiting time. Your agents can efficiently invest their time on more complex client issues with IVRs. The system can handle up to unlimited calls concurrently letting you forget about the worries of peak hour call load.

Cloud IVR solutions packed with powerful Advantages

  • IVR System available 24*7
  • Call recording, real time reports and analytics
  • Time-based call routing
  • Programmable extensions with multi-level IVR
  • Easy CRM integration
  • VIP IVR number lets you select the digits of your choice
  • Let your customers talk to the same operator every time with Sticky Agent
  • Block junk and spam calls with Blacklisting